Who We Are

For over 24 years, Rob Mackey served up bagels and coffee in one of the Gulf Coast’s most iconic hot spots for breakfast, Bagelheads. 

After 9 years of experience, he realized that he wanted to control not only the quality of his scratch-made bagels, but his coffee as well. To achieve this feat, Rob began learning from small coffee roasters in the North West, mastering the art of cupping for quality control, and researching roasting methods and equipment. His research led him to the late Michael Sivetz, MS, a chemical engineer, pioneer and inventor of fluidized bed coffee roasting (or air roasting). Rob then drove over 3,000 miles from Gulf Breeze, FL to Oregon to train on the Sivetz air roaster, disassemble the roaster, drive it back to Pensacola, and reassemble it.  Through this process, he gained quite a bit of expertise in Fluid Bed Air Roasting equipment.  In these early stages of MacDaddy Coffee Roasting, Rob was able to speak directly to Michael Sivetz to discuss technical modifications of our equipment and learn from the master of coffee processing. MacDaddy Coffee chose Air Roasting for its significant benefits over Drum Roasting including more uniform heat transfer to the beans, no scorching, effective separation of the bitter chaff and other debris, better overall control of the process, and better final results.

Throughout this 15-year journey, Rob created partnerships with farmers and distributors and honed his craft at roasting some of the best coffee in the region. His passion and dedication have led to the creation of a diverse set of flavor profiles ranging from mild and welcoming to bold and spicy. 

MacDaddy Coffee customers get to savor each cup knowing where it all started and the rich and complex history behind each cup. After selling Bagelheads in 2022, Rob now exclusively devotes his time to MacDaddy Coffee, roasting beans for a damn good cup of coffee, 9 lbs at a time.

Our Goal

We constantly strive to improve operating practices for the purpose of better use of natural resources and better processing, which equates to better customer enjoyment, value, and satisfaction.

A Sense of Value

“Coffee is not bought or consumed for nutrition.  Coffee has only one value: to give the consumer pleasure and satisfaction through flavor, aroma and desirable physiological and psychological effects.”

From Coffee Processing Technology, Michael Sivetz, M.S and Elliott Foote, Ph.D

Rob Mackey visiting growers in Haiti in 2014 with Eco Cafe.

What We Do

It starts with our relationships with growers and distributors in coffee-growing regions in Africa, the Americas, and Southeast Asia. As with the leaves in the fall, the beans that are available change from season to season.

This allows us to provide new and exciting flavor profiles to our customers on a regular basis. Once in-house, we begin the roasting process at just 9 lbs a go. This small batch roasting enables us to focus heavily on quality and to quickly iterate on profiles that our customers enjoy.

This constant iteration, attention to detail in testing, and development have allowed us to create an amazing diversity within our roasts.

For the curious, they are able to buy a pound (or more) of our freshly roasted coffee here. For the adventurous, they can order a subscription here and let Rob pick his favorite seasonal roast.

For our commercial customers, we will gladly create a unique roasting profile based on your preferences. This is one of our favorite aspects of our business.

Want More Than One Bag Of Coffee?

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