For 23 years, Rob Mackey has served up bagels and coffee in one of the Gulf Coast’s most iconic hot spots for breakfast, Bagelheads.  This beach vibe locale with a waterfront view of Pensacola Bay has earned a place in the hearts of tourists and locals alike with its unique take on a simple carb and caffeine breakfast, the bagel and coffee.

Creating new bagel flavors and baking bagels from scratch wasn’t enough for Rob.  Early on, he realized that he wanted to control not only the quality of his bagels, but his coffee as well.  To do this, he’d start on an endeavor that would take him 15 years, and around the world; from Africa to the Caribbean and South America.

Along the way, he’d create partnerships with farmers, distributors and hone his craft at roasting some of the best coffee in the region. His passion and dedication have led to the creation of a diverse set of flavors ranging from mild and welcoming to bold and spicy.

Passing tourists who stop in for the bottomless $3 coffee at Bagelheads often comment on the depth of character in each cup of their coffee without realizing its rich and complex history.  MacDaddy Coffee customers get to savor each cup knowing where it all started.

It starts with our relationships with growers and distributors in coffee growing regions in the Caribbean, South America, and Africa.  As with the leaves in the fall, the beans that are available change from season to season.

This allows us to provide new and exciting flavors to our customers on a regular basis. Once in house, we begin the roasting process at just 9 lbs a go.  This small batch roasting enables us to focus heavily on quality and to quickly iterate on flavor profiles that our customers enjoy.

We are fortunate in that we’re able to quickly test new ideas in our customer facing lab, Bagelheads. This constant iteration, attention to detail in testing, and development has allowed us to create an amazing diversity within our roasts.

For the curious, they are able to buy a pound (or more) of our freshly roasted coffee here. For the adventurous, they can order a subscription here and let Rob pick his favorite seasonal roast.

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